Proof Reading

Copy often passes through many hands before it is printed or uploaded to the internet. Errors can creep in at any stage and are very difficult to catch. Familiarity with the copy is often a hindrance as it causes the reader to see what should be there and not what really is there. It is possible for an author or even an editor to read a passage multiple times and pass over quite elementary errors.

Even after the author and editors of copy are sure there are no mistakes it is possible that those who handle the work later on in the process can create errors of their own. Mistakes caused during the typesetting and web layout processes are even less likely to be spotted as the people responsible for these tasks are not concerning themselves with the content of the document (which they assume to be correct already) but with the layout of it.

Does your copy say what you think it does?

This is why a proof reading process is so important. There is little sense in spending a great deal of time and money producing copy to have its impact ruined by poor implementation. We are able to bring fresh pairs of eyes to scour your copy for mistakes and are able to view the final product (if it is on the web) and look for layout problems that impact the language too.

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