To the Website manager/Copy Editor

Please permit us to introduce ourselves: UK Copywriting is a company designed to help you make the most of your English. is a service specifically tailored to help non-English speakers perfect the appearance of their websites and promotional material.

All too often an excellent service or product is let down by a few simple grammatical and spelling errors that will dissuade a prospective client from spending money. We also understand natural English phrases and the feeling of the language something that no spell or grammar checker can ever do. will proof and amend any errors on your site and we will do this at a far lower cost than that of any of our competitors. We can also produce original tailored SEO copy for your website if you require.

If you feel that your website or your English is letting you down then come visit us at or email us direct at

Our prices are as follows and we can quote for bespoke queries too. There is a $10 minimum fee.

Proof Reading & Corrections:
$0.04 cents/word up to 5000 words
$0.02 cents/word over 5000 words

Copywriting :
$0.08 cents/word up to 5000 words
$0.04 cents/word over 5000 words

These prices are significantly lower than those offered by most copywriting and proofing companies.

If you want to professionalise your website and company's copy please do not hesitate to contact us.

100 words of English corrected for free
We’re so confident that you’ll find our English Correction service useful that we will correct 100 words absolutely free!